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NEW 64 OZ. Refill Container Offers Great Value for Refilling Bottles of All Natural Spray

All Natural Kanberra Spray RefillResponding to a growing customer demand, Kanberra Group has introduced a new 64 oz. refill container for fast and easy refilling of Kanberra Spray® bottles. The 64 oz. container offers a money-saving, “green” solution that allows consumers to reuse existing spray bottles instead of throwing them away. The Kanberra Spray refill features a twist off cap for easy use and resealing, as well as a convenient handle to make pouring and storage nearly effortless.

“The new Kanberra Spray refill container is our response to multiple requests from our consumers and dealers for such a product offering,” explained Joel Solly, president and CEO. “The refill container is sure to grab attention with both convenience and cost savings, not to mention the great benefits of all natural Kanberra Spray.”

Kanberra Spray® puts the antiseptic and antifungal power of Tea Tree Oil in a spray to clean air and surfaces in an instant, wherever fast odor control is need. The spray does not mask odors, but rather attacks and degrades the odors at their source to eliminate them naturally. Kanberra Spray is available in 2 oz and 8 oz bottles. For more information on the new Kanberra Spray® 64 oz. refill container, visit, call toll-free 1-800-683-0021, e-mail

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