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Lancaster, New York company looks to clean up with tea tree oil products Interesting things happened to Joel Solly after he joined and helped establish an indoor air cleaning company in 1993 and spent a couple of years perfecting how to clean ventilation ducts without using harsh chemicals. He found out the same proprietary tea […]

kanberra gel - the original all natural air purifier

Kanberra® Uses 100% Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil & other Essential Oils certified by ATTIA to ensure the best quality:   Adulteration Due to the proven effectiveness of 100% pure Australian TTO, a market has developed for either adulterated oil consisting of Australian (or other) TTO diluted with synthetic components (usually created from other plant […]

What is duct sealing with Aeroseal by Indoor Air Professionals? It is a process in which a non-toxic aerosol mist seeks out and plugs leaks in duct work. It is the ONLY duct sealant technology that is applied from the INSIDE of the duct system. How long has it been around? Since 1994. It was […]

Exclusive new product removes tough odors while cleaning hands and the air Kanberra Group, the original pioneers who took the benefits of Tea Tree Oil airborne, have launched another industry leading product; Kanberra Premium Soap. This new product provides the healing power of Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil to clean skin, remove tough odors and […]

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