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Many pet owners want to avoid chemicals in the stain and odor products they use around their animals, and retailers should be ready to meet this growing demand.

Most pet owners, at one time or another, are in the market for stain and odor products. Puppies arrive not housetrained, and old dogs are sometimes incontinent. Even good dogs sometimes cannot wait one more minute for their humans to come home from work, and there are days that guest dogs and cats feel the urge to leave their smelly mark.

Consumers looking for stain and odor solutions often find a large selection available to them, and some important differences in what these products contain and how they work. Manufacturers have developed new methods of removing stains and odors, and they say that retailers that educate shoppers about these formulations can really thrive in this segment.

“Odor control is one category that is experiencing continuous growth,” says Joel Solly, chief executive officer of Lancaster, N.Y.-based Kanberra Group, manufacturer of Kanberra Gel. “People love their pets, but typically don’t love the associated pet odors. There are even some pet retailers that are becoming more interested in having their pet store not smell like a pet store.”

Consumers are moving away from chemical-based products and instead seeking all-natural solutions. “People are realizing the effects these chemicals have on their environment, both their specific home environment and the larger environment that we all share,” says Solly.

Kanberra Gel contains tea tree oil that becomes airborne and neutralizes and eliminates odors.

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