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Top Body Callout Section

This has it's own WYSIWYG on each page and accepts shortcodes. It's perfect for calling out content or dividing up content into two sections, such as this. The Top Body is available on every page.

Set Two Colors and Done

Located in the theme options, just set the primary color and highlight color for the site, and the content, backgrounds, headers, etc. will all be set for you.

However if you like control over individual elements, each can be set under Advanced Styling. Try it by selecting the tab floating on the left side of the screen.


Powerful Theme Options

Whether you want to only modify a couple settings, or really make a lot of changes, the included theme options has both simple and advanced settings.

Click here to see all of the options that are available.


Two Slider Styles Included

We’ve included two different slider styles, based off of the popular and responsive Flexslider.

The wide slider is on the homepage. It uses the wide images, engaging your visitors. The normal slider on the alternate homepage is a more traditional size, if wide isn’t your style.


Gallery and Contact Templates

There are two templates that we think are a necessity when building WordPress themes and that’s a Gallery and Contact Page template. The Gallery is a custom post type, so it’s easy to add images and assign them to individual categories. The Gallery page is simple and elegant and supports both images and YouTube and Vimeo videos.

The Contact Page template includes multiple form fields that can be shown or hidden. Each field also has optional validation that can be enabled or disabled. All of this is done via the admin options.


Google Fonts

15 Google Web Fonts are included in the theme options. However you can add any Google Web Font by pasting in the font’s name and weight. Arial and Times New Roman are also included if you’d rather use system fonts.

You can set a specific font for the Heading Tags, Navigation and Content.


Custom Widgets and Sidebars

We’ve included six custom Widgets with this theme. You’ll notice all six on the right side of the page. They have been custom formatted to fit the style of this theme and are ready to drop in on the sidebars and in the footer.

You also have unlimited sidebars at your disposal. Simply create and assign them on each individual page. For convenience, we’ve already created sidebars for the Blog and Contact templates and the footer columns.


14 Custom Shortcodes

Shortcodes make formatting your content much easier. We’ve built 14 shortcodes into this theme that match it’s style and help make content look better. Here’s what’s included: Horizontal Dividers, Gallery Preview, Alerts, Buttons, Columns, Tabs, Toggles, Round Images, Featured Content Blocks, Testimonial Scroller, Recent Blog Posts Scroller, Google Maps, YouTube and Vimeo Videos.

Check them out over on the Shortcode demo page.


Fully Responsive

Responsive websites are a part of life these days, and it’s built into this theme. All of the elements on the site will respond correctly when viewed on mobile devices.

Try it out by scanning the QR code on the left.


Dedicated Support Site

Support is important. That’s why we have a dedicated Zendesk support site. There you can submit support tickets directly to us and post on the forums. If you have a feature request, let us know about it! You’re our customer and we want you to be satisfied.

Check out our dedicated support site.


35-Page, Detailed User Guide

What good is a WordPress theme if you don’t know how to use it? We’ve created a detailed user guide that walks you through installation and setting up your theme.

Don’t just take our word for it though, download a copy of it now, before purchasing.

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