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kanberra gel auto uses

Take Kanberra Gel® & Kanberra Spray® on the road for cleaner interior air wherever you go.

kanberra gel 8oz refillableKanberra Gel®

A jar in the car drives odors away

  • Keeps air fresh inside cars, trucks, SUVs, collector cars and more — all year long.
  • Don’t just mask interior odors — eliminate them.
  • Dissipates into the air to neutralize airborne odors and impurities.
  • Protects interiors.
  • Works 24/7.
  • Penetrates porous materials and provides long-lasting protection.
  • Easy to use – no mess, simply open the jar.
  • kanberra gel all natural air purifier sprayNo chemicals, all natural – safe around kids and pets.
  • Ideal for storage of vintage cars, campers, trailers and boats.
  • Auto dealers use to remove odors from pre-owned vehicles.
  • Effective against  cigarette smoke, damp carpeting and more.

Kanberra Spray®

Spray away odors and clean surfaces
  • Freshen the air in an instant throughout the interior.
  • Clean surfaces — dashboard, console, etc. and remove odors.

 kanberra all natural wipesKanberra Wipes®

  • Quick clean up for added interior freshness.
  • Multi-purpose for cleaner surfaces and air with just one wipe.
  • Infused with the natural properties of Tea Tree Oil (TTO).

Clean surfaces — dashboard, console etc.

Customer Testimonials

As a Ford Dealer, we buy and trade many used vehicles. From time to time we get a nice vehicle that has an odor. My used vehicle manager and I discussed trying out Kanberra Gel on a couple of smoky vehicles. We placed a 2 ounce container in the vehicle and started it up with the windows closed for about 2 hours and repeated this process twice. By running the vehicle with the AC on, the Kanberra Gel flows through the duct system. Remarkably the smoke smell was diminished to just a trace odor. We left the container in the vehicle for one week after that, and the smoke smell was completely gone. Finally after all these years of trying all the supposedly known remedies there is a product that is cost effective and works to remove odor from vehicles.

Rob Lombard, Lombard Ford Inc., Connecticut

I have used the Kanberra product in my cars and garages. It is working great. I believe it to be one of the better products on the market that I have ever used. Loaned one to a friend of mine and they are going to purchase some for themselves!

Gregg – Kentucky

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