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kanberra gel marine uses

One of the biggest markets for Kanberra® is the marine industry. In fact, we cut our teeth delivering Kanberra Gel® to marinas, boat owners and super yacht crews and owners.

Today customers worldwide have discovered the gel and spray offer a revolutionary way to clean air and remove airborne mold and mildew on marine vessels.

Kanberra Gel is easy and efficient.

kanberra gel 8oz refillableA revolutionary new way to clean air and eliminate mold and mildew on your vessel.

Placed within the air handling units, or an inconspicuous place in the cabin – air is cleaner and healthier, as the gel neutralizes odors and impurities.

  • Proprietary formula containing pure, pharmaceutical grade Australian Tea Tree Oil with antiseptic and antifungal properties.
  • Forced and natural air flow activates the gel’s vapors throughout the craft.
  • Effectively attack a wide range of bacteria, molds and fungi.
  • 100% natural ingredients – safe around kids and pets.
  • Protects HVAC components from mildew and mold growth – save on upkeep costs.
  • Penetrates porous materials and provides long-lasting protection
Kanberra Gel® has multiple uses to protect against mold and mildew damage in:
  • Electronics Panel Components
  • Deck Storage Lockers
  • Rope Lockers
  • Bait Lockers
  • Lazzarette
  • Interior Galleys
  • Chiller Systems & Fresh Air Make Up Units
  • Bilge Area
  • Black Water System Pipe work

Mold and mildew damage in many of these areas, especially sensitive electronics, can cost thousands to repair or clean up.

Protects against expensive damage during storage.

Dampness and temperature fluctuations inside a vessel during storage provide a breeding ground for mold and fungus, even in heated storage. The airborne spores attack and feed on cellulose and other organic material in the boat, which also causes bad odors. The gel will freeze but goes right back to work upon thawing.

Typical Marine Air Handler Placement

kanberra marine air handler placement

No mess, no hassle sealed, drip-free plastic containers save time – simply place where you need them.

kanberra gel all natural air purifier spray

Kanberra Spray®

All Natural Odor Remover

Get pumped for all natural protection…in an instant

Use Kanberra Spray® onboard to clean air and surfaces in an instant. It scrubs air and surfaces to remove odors like magic.
  • Attacks and degrades mold, mildew, and bacteria at the source.
  • Convenient spray cleans air and surfaces.
  • Don’t mask odors, remove them…instantly.
  • Safe around kids and pets.
  • All natural, no chemicals.

kanberra all natural wipesKanberra Wipes®

  • Multi-purpose for cleaner surfaces and air with just one wipe
  • Infused with the antiseptic and antifungal properties of Tea Tree Oil (TTO)
  • Attack and degrade mold, fungus and bacteria at the source — neutralize odors
  • Great for clean up in the cabin, on deck and throughout the vessel


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