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Sports & Fitness


Kanberra Gel®, Kanberra Spray® & Kanberra Wipes®

Deliver all-star performance in removing sports-related odors.

Kanberra products are ideal for use in your home gym, health clubs, sports complexes and golf courses to protect against “sports stink”.

kanberra gel 8oz refillable
kanberra gel all natural air purifier spray
kanberra all natural wipes
  • Easily removes odor from lockers and equipment bags, from hockey and football to baseball and lacrosse.
  • As easy to use as opening a jar — works 24/7.
  • No chemicals. All natural. Safe around kids.
  • Spray provides all natural odor removal in an instant.

Customer Testimonials

I am a cyclist and I use Kanberra Gel to keep my gear free from odors in my helmet and shoes. I take a small gel and put it in a seal-able bag with my helmet and gloves in between events/rides. No more stinky gear!
Ian – New York

My son’s hockey bag was rancid and had to be kept out in the garage because of the smell. I had used Tea Tree oil in my fish aquariums to fight some fish diseases and odor, so when I heard about Kanberra Gel I figured it was worth a try. I put a jar of Kanberra Gel in the bottom of the bag and hoped for the best. My Wife and I were amazed at the stink reduction. In a couple of days the bag was able to be brought back in the house and even my son commented on the improvement.

The odor reduction is just one of the benefits of this all natural product. I just leave an open container in the bag all the time now. The gel is thick and keeps it from coming out of the holes in the canister. Great product!
Dale – New York

Wow!!! My husband brought home Kanberra Gel, and it’s great! I wish I had one in every room!! Our son is an triathlete. His equipment, running shoes, biking equipment can get pretty bad!! I noticed the Kanberra Gel, as soon as I walked into the back porch!! So fresh!! I wish I had one in every room!!
Kris – New York

where to buy kanberra gel and spray

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