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The Original All Natural Air Purifiers

Kanberra Gel®, Kanberra Spray® & Kanberra Wipes®

  • kanberra gel, spray, wipes, SoapThe original all natural gel, spray and wipes
  •  Kanberra Products only use Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil certified by ATTIA, Ltd.
  • Kanberra Products were the first water-based, alcohol-free air purifiers and surface cleaners to use Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil and we continue to utilize that standard for all of our products.
  • No chemicals. — safe to use around kids and pets.
  • Gel works 24/7.
  • Spray cleans air and surfaces — remove odors in an instant.
  • Unlimited uses — for home, office, boat, car, RV, sports equipment bags and more.
  • Wipes are multipurpose for cleaner surfaces in just one wipe.

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