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Other Uses

kanberra gel other uses

The number of uses for Kanberra Gel®, Kanberra Spray® and Kanberra Wipes® all natural products continues to grow every day. Examples include:
  • College dorms — Kanberra Gel® helps control odors in those less-than-clean college dorm rooms. Place a couple jars to give parents added peace of mind with 24/7 protection. Kanberra Spray® gets rid of dorm smells in an instant.
  • Storage spaces — From closets and attics to sheds and other storage areas, Kanberra Gel® provides ongoing protection against odors. Place a jar and let it go to work.
  • Outdoor gear — Tents and camping gear, coolers and picnic baskets, sports equipment bags, tool chests and more. The list is virtually endless.
  • Antiques and collectibles — Protect valuable books, magazines and other collectibles when you store with Kanberra Gel®.
What is your idea?

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