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about kanberra gel our story

The Kanberra Group Mission

To develop and deliver innovative indoor air quality solutions to the public with the ultimate goal of improving their health; to educate the world on the importance and the benefits of improving the quality of air that we breathe and the impact it has on our long term health.


The Kanberra Group is part of Indoor Air Professionals, an indoor air quality firm headquartered outside Buffalo, NY with more than two decades of experience.

The Kanberra Group manufactures and distributes Kanberra Gel®, Kanberra Spray® and Kanberra Wipes®, all natural products that clean air and surfaces while eliminating odors.

  • The gel, spray and wipes feature the natural properties of Tea Tree Oil (TTO).
  • Kanberra only uses a premium blend of pure Australian Tea Tree Oils certified by ATTIA, Ltd. (Australian Tea Tree Industry Association, Ltd.)
  • Kanberra Products were the first water-based, alcohol-free air purifiers and surface cleaners to market.
  • Versatile Kanberra products are chemical-free and safe around kids and pets, and can be used virtually anywhere odors are a problem.
  • Use in homes, automobiles, boats, sports equipment bags and more.
  • We use our IAQ expertise and work with leading researchers in the IAQ field to continually refine and develop Kanberra product offerings.

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