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Our Team

The Kanberra Group includes a team of professionals dedicated to bringing the incredible air purifying power of Kanberra products to customers around the world.

With more than 20 years of experience in indoor air quality (IAQ), the Kanberra team includes:


Joel Solly

President & CEO
Ext. 306


Susan OShei Kanberra gel
Susan O’Shei

Logistics & Human Resource Manager
Ext. 304


Rick Zielezinski Kanberra Gel
Rick Zielezinski

Ext. 309


Tammy Clark Kanberra Gel
Tammy Clark

Accounting Assistant
Ext. 332


Kristen Dettbarn Kanberra Gel
Kristen Dettbarn

Marketing Coordinator
Ext. 331


Dennis Dunkowski Kanberra Gel
Dennis Dunkowski

Warehouse Fulfillment Manager


Amy Felgemacher Kanberra gel
Amy Felgemacher

Sales Representative
Ext. 310


Lisa Lowe Kanberra Gel
Lisa Lowe

Sales Representative
Ext. 307

Jim Cook

Sales Representative


wilson koala Kanberra Gel
Wilson Kanberra