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Kanberra Group Distributor Responsibilities

The Kanberra Group takes pride in its distributor relationships and is focused on providing quality products, in depth training, and excellent customer service to our distributors. With those goals in mind we set forth the following expectations of our distributors in an effort to build and maintain mutually beneficial relationships:

  • Collaborative dialogue to take place between the distributor and the Kanberra Group with regard to launch strategy, key performance indicators, performance milestones and tracking. Performance differences (+ or -) to be addressed with appropriate strategic planning.
  • Distributors will make their sales reps available for product training either in-person
    or via teleconference with reasonable notice at times that are mutually agreeable to the parties involved. It is the recommendation of the Kanberra Group that training will take place prior to product launch.
  • Distributors will provide the Kanberra Group with a list of locations where our products have been placed. Updated lists should be provided to the Kanberra Group on a monthly basis (minimum) for inclusion in our web site location section. Consumers frequently search our web site to find participating retailers in their neighborhoods.
  • Kanberra Group representatives will conduct random retailer visits at locations where products have been placed. Feedback relevant to displays, staff knowledge of the product etc. will be shared with the distributor (lessons learned / best practices) in an effort to maximize sales.
  • Distributors will adhere to the Return Policy and any other related policies set forth by the Kanberra Group. See attached addendum(s).
  • Distributors will notify the Kanberra Group of their intention to distribute products that may be deemed “competitive” with the Kanberra Group product line.
  • In situations where a distributor is entering a territory currently sold and serviced by a Kanberra Gel Independent Sales Representative, the retailer shall have the right to determine who they wish to sell and service their account. The Kanberra Group will provide a list of established accounts to the distributor prior to commencement of sales distribution activity within the target geography.
  • The names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses of the distributor’s Accounting department staff will be made available to the Kanberra Group for appropriate business communication (invoicing, payments, credits etc.)
  • Either party may terminate the distributor relationship by providing 90 day advance notice in writing to the other party.

I have read and accept the terms of the Kanberra Group Distributor Responsibilities. (required)*

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