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Tea Tree Oil Airborne

kanberra gel tea tree oil airborne

What to Know About Tea Tree Oil (TTO)

Tea Tree Oil is known around the globe as a natural antiseptic, most commonly used topically. (An ingredient in toothpastes, mouthwashes, creams, etc.).

We developed a means of releasing TTO in an airborne manner…simple air movement across Kanberra Gel®, OR a shot of Kanberra Spray® delivers TTO at the microscopic level to attack mold, mildew, etc. It looks easy now, but it took more than a decade and multiple formulations to accomplish.

Be sure it’s pure.

Kanberra Products only use Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil certified by ATTIA, Ltd.

ATTIA is the Australian government approved industry body supporting the tea tree oil industry to enhance the production and uses of TTO. The certification means Kanberra is officially sanctioned to promote our full portfolio of products as containing Pure Australian TTO.

  • Kanberra products were the first water-based, alcohol-free air purifiers and surface cleaners to use Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil and we continue to utilize that standard for all of our products.
  • This important certification further separates Kanberra products – the first to introduce our blend of airborne TTO – from other competitors and imitators on the market.
  • You can purchase Kanberra products in confidence knowing that you are receiving an all natural product with the finest ingredients including Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil.


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