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My husband just brought home the Kanberra Gel, and I love it! Although it works great in any room, I placed the jar in my baby’s nursery, near the diaper pail. It keeps her room smelling fresh all of the time, and because its natural, I don’t have to worry! This is the only air freshener that has worked so well for us in the past three years, two children, and hundreds of diapers.

Stacy – New York

Our two sons (15) and (10) share a bedroom, which candidly smells more like a locker room. When I placed an 8oz Kanberra Gel in their room my wife said “Good luck with that!” 24 hours later she came back to me and said “I don’t know what’s in it. I don’t know how it works. Just don’t stop bringing it home!” We now have Kanberra Gel in all of our bedrooms, the basement, the garage and our cars!

Larry – New York

It just works! I use it in my kitchen and any odor just dissipates. I smell nothing but clean air. I’m very happy with it. We put the large 16oz size in the furnace as well.
Jane – New York

This product immediately improved the air quality in our home – particularly our finished basement that sometimes has a musty odor. We will definitely continue to use it in our home and offices.

Kelly – New York

Our home has had a musty/mildew odor in the basement due to the dampness down there. We placed the Kanberra Gel in the areas that were affected and it was “amazing” how it disolved the strong odor. I also like the fact that it is a “natural” product…no chemicals.

Patti – New York

As a mother of two young boys (3 and 1 1/2) I was so happy to find out about KG! It’s completely eliminated the bad (very bad) diaper bin smells! The room is FRESH!! I am going to put KG in other rooms throughout the house! This stuff really works!!!

Erin – California

My home insulator highly recommends Kanberra (Gel)…just open it and put it in your crawlspace or basement. Yes, it’s more expensive than the chemical fragrances on supermarket shelves, but on the other hand, Kanberra (Gel) is effective.

Ann – Massachusetts


I purchased Kanberra Gel for my car and yes, I’d buy it again…it provides a wonderful smell to my car.

Mike – Canada

I have used the Kanberra product in my cars and garages. It is working great. I believe it to be one of the better products on the market that I have ever used. Loaned one to a friend of mine and they are going to purchase some for themselves!

Gregg – Kentucky

As a Ford Dealer, we buy and trade many used vehicles. From time to time we get a nice vehicle that has an odor, either mildew or smoke. My used vehicle manager and I discussed trying out Kanberra Gel on a couple of smoky vehicles. We placed a 2 ounce container in the vehicle and started it up with the windows closed for about 2 hours and repeated this process twice. By running the vehicle with the AC on, the Kanberra Gel flows through the duct system. Remarkably the smoke smell was diminished to just a trace odor. We left the container in the vehicle for one week after that, and the smoke smell was completely gone. Finally after all these years of trying all the supposedly known remedies there is finally a product that is cost effective and works to remove odor from vehicles.

Rob Lombard, Lombard Ford Inc., Connecticut

I got in my husband’s rental truck and I guess the rental company decided if they sprayed an entire bottle of perfume in the truck, it would mask the cigarette smell. Needless to say, all that did was give me a headache. After opening the Kanberra Gel and leaving it in the truck over night the smell was gone. It smelled completely fresh inside.

Also, I again wanted to say how well your Kanberra Gel worked on mildew/mold. I detail boats at Daffin Marine and had a boat with a bad mold/mildew problem. The customer wanted it cleaned and then shrink wrapped for the winter. So we cleaned it and put one of your jars of Kanberra Gel in it before it was shrink wrapped and we were so pleasantly surprised in the spring that there was no mold/mildew at all inside after the shrink wrap was removed!!!!!! Your Kanberra Gel is amazing and I recommend it all the time!!!!!!

Rendy – Maryland


We have had great success in using Kanberra Gel in our house (daylight basement) and in our RV. We have had a persistent problem on rodents invading our RV’s while in storage. Try as I might over 15 years, we lost the battle of stopping them from getting into the RV’s. After we had such good results in the basement with your product, I put one in the RV to freshen it up while in storage a few years ago. We have not had a rodent enter the RV since. We made no changes to the location or other preparations, just kept the traps in place and opened the 2 oz container inside the RV. I haven’t seen any advertisement or comments about the effectiveness of Kanberra Gel in repelling rodents, but our experience of over 2 years seems to be more than coincidental. Now we keep the container in use all year.

Bill – Bonney Lake, WA

Great product. We have a 37 foot motor home we store for months at a time. After trying a variety of different products that stopped working after just a few days we used Kanberra Gel. After 4 months in storage under a cover in very humid weather we found no musty smell odor or mildew and the jar still had gel left.

John – North Carolina

I camp quite a bit in the summer and early fall–this year when I pack away the tent and sleeping bags a gel is going into each of these items for storage through the winter and spring. Also I use coolers all summer long for the beach–at the end of the season they will be cleaned out and stored in the basement with a Kanberra gel in each. I have one in my refrigerator also–works great.

Denise– New York


I had read an article in one of the boating magazines about a product called Kanberra gel and how well it worked on removing odors. So I purchased a 2 oz container and placed in the boat. My wife and I were both smokers and smoked in the cabin and it was getting very foul smelling.. My sister-in-law and brother were going to take a trip with us and she is allergic to cigarette smoke. My wife and I had agreed not to smoke in the cabin while they were with us and after a few days she asked if we smoked in the cabin because she could not smell anything but a clean fresh air smell. Now that we have quit smoking, we still use Kanberra in the cabin.
We had also started to notice some mold growing on the inside of our bikini and back drop. I was told to place a fan on the dash to circulate the air. It helped, but I noticed we still were getting some mold, so I took another 2 oz container of Kanberra gel and placed it in front of the fan. When we came back a week later the mold was almost gone and two weeks later there was no trace of mold anywhere in and around the cockpit.

Chuck – Waterford, MI

I have used Kanberra Gel on my sailboat for a few years now and am extremely happy with the performance of this product! I live in the Pacific Northwest. and for 4 – 5 months of the year our weather is the ideal environment for dampness and mildew to flourish … particularly on-board!! Kanberra Gel is the perfect solution!!

Ron, Squamish, BC

I used Kanberra on my boat during winter storage. Now, I don’t want to be without it.

David – Maryland

Love this stuff! We live on a sailboat and we had a persistent odor in one of our heads that we were unable to get rid of – not matter how hard we tried. Bought a 2 oz. jar of gel and stuck it under the sink in the head – within a day and a half, the odor was completely gone! Thanks for a great product! Will be buying more ASAP…

Laurie – The Bahamas

This product works as stated. One is all we need to place in our 48 ft. yacht to keep it fresh. It is not like a perfume cover-up – it gets rid of what causes odors in the first place.
George – Tennessee

This product is terrific… just a wonderful clean smell throughout your boat.

Sandra – Pennsylvania

I wanted to share our experience with your tea tree oil. We did not expect much but after putting a canister in our dirty bilge, within 2 weeks all the mold was gone and we just needed to vacuum up the white powder. Amazing!

Judy – Connecticut

We have been using your product for three years now in our boat to prevent mold and that old boat smell after being shrink-wrapped all winter. Your product works well and we buy a 24 ounce refill from the boat show in Newport every year. While we were purchasing our refill we were able to testify how well it works to a new customer and helped convince them to try it!

Keith – Massachusetts


You have a fantastic product, I recommend it to anyone and everyone. The neighbors downstairs have an especially stinky dog, and my stairwell reeks every other day, enough to make me gag. I put a gel in the stairwell and spray their welcome mat and my stairs. Instant relief of stink. I’ve also used the spray in my bathroom and on my air conditioner to remove mildew, the gel in my car to remove cigarette smoke, and by my cat boxes to keep the bathroom smelling fresh.

Thank you for an awesome product I can no longer live without

April– New York

I purchased Kanberra Gel this weekend at the Home Show in Rochester, NY. I have our litter box in the laundry room by our back door. I always keep the litter clean, but with my sensitive nose I could always smell a slight odor when I came home. I tried all sorts of air fresheners and sprays that would mask the odor for a little while. I put the gel in there and I don’t detect the slightest odor. I know this is not a unique use of this, but I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your product. I wish I could afford it for our basement! Thank you again for your high quality product.

Kathy – New York

I recently purchased a home and hired Indoor Air Professionals to clean the duct work. The former owners of the home had 4 cats and a dog–who had contaminated all of the floors, ducts–every surface–with urine and hair. It smelled so disgusting that everyone who came in (painters, repairmen, my own relatives, etc.) commented on the horrible animal smell (mostly cat urine)…and strongly suggested that I do something to get rid of it. My parents recommended IAP after success with their own ducts and the great work of this company.

My family hired painters to place 4 coats of paint, primer and sealer on every single surface to get rid of the smell (even the entire basement floor). While it worked to seal in the urine odor, there was still a heavy chemical smell remaining. After IAP cleaned the ducts, we placed SEVERAL Kanberra Gel containers in the ducts and all around the house…everyone who comes to the house now comments about the wonderfully fresh and clean smell, and the improvement.

After that experience, I will never own a cat…but I will never live WITHOUT Kanberra Gel!

Christine – New York

I want to let you know that Kanberra Gel is the best thing for keeping the living quarters in our horse trailer clean and bacteria free.

Before I used this great product, there was a musty odor coming from the storage area for the water lines etc. I put a small gel container in there and it is now sweet smelling and clean. One jar lasts all season and with one in during the fall/winter time – we are odor free all year long.

I would recommend this product to anyone with a camper or any area in the home in need of refreshing.


Our dog had encountered a skunk in the yard, and she got into the family room thru the back door! Before we could catch her, she had passed that awful smell through the house. After a few days of suffering with the odor, we went out and purchased the biggest container of Kanberra Gel we would find. Within hours of opening the gel, the odor started to disappear. Thank goodness for the strength of this product!

Shelly – New York

After purchasing Kanberra Spray and a large container of Kanberra Gel, I could not believe how QUICKLY the gel eliminated the mold and odor from my basement area. It was amazing the difference in just 24 hours. The gel is amazing, but as you will see, it was the Spray that I found SO remarkable!!!

Last night, just before going to bed, I let my Yellow Lab, Buddy outside. No sooner had I closed the door when I heard him barking, followed by a “yelp” and then whimpering. Yes, he got sprayed by a skunk! I yelled to my girlfriend who quickly closed all the windows in the house in an attempt to keep the putrid skunk odor OUTSIDE. It didn’t work and within minutes, the house reeked of skunk!

My girlfriend and I went outside armed with tomato Juice and dog soap and gave Buddy several baths. After 20 minutes of washing, the majority of the smell was gone off him. Then I remembered the Kanberra Spray that you recommended. I quickly dashed inside the house and grabbed the spray bottle. Before going back outside, I gave the spray bottle a few pumps, hoping it would help some with the odor inside the house. Then, I carefully sprayed Buddy’s coat, avoiding his eyes and mouth. Almost instantly it took away the remaining skunk order off his fur. We were both SO impressed.

We all returned to the house. When we opened the door, we were greeted with the FRESH scent….. the wonderful aroma of the Tea Tree Oil…. There was NO Skunk smell left in the house AT ALL!!!!! We could NOT believe it!!!!!!!

Needless to say, we are so very impressed with your products. You can be sure we will ALWAYS have an ample supply of your Kanberra products CLOSE at hand. Thanks again for your recommendations!!

Linda and Gary – Mystic, CT


Wow!!! My husband brought home Kanberra Gel,and it’s great! I wish I had one in every room!! Our son is an triathlete. His equipment,running shoes, biking equipment can get pretty bad!! I noticed the Kanberra Gel, as soon as I walked into the back porch!! So fresh!! I wish I had one in every room!!
Kris – New York

My Son’s hockey bag was rancid and had to be kept out in the garage because of the smell. I had used Tea Tree oil in my fish aquariums to fight some fish diseases and odor, so when I heard about Kanberra Gel I figured it was worth a try. I put a 1 pound Kanberra Gel in the bottom of the bag and hoped for the best. My Wife and I were amazed at the stink reduction. In a couple of days the bag was able to be brought back in the house and even my son commented on the improvement. The odor reduction is just one of the benefits. It is nice to know that the bacteria and mold are reduced with an all natural product. I just leave an open container in the bag all the time now. The gel is thick and keeps it from coming out of the holes in the canister. Great Product!

Dale – New York

I am a cyclist and I use Kanberra Gel to keep my gear free from odor caused by bacteria in my helmet and shoes. I take a small gel and put it in a seal-able bag with my helmet and gloves in between events/rides. No more stinky gear!

Ian – New York

Other Uses

Being a 2nd grade teacher, September is a very exciting time for me! Cool fall breezes, autumn colors, and that crisp air! I love the ‘freshness’ of this season. My only negative thing about this season is walking into my classroom that has been closed up all summer. Unfortunately, I haven’t found anything to mask the moldy odor smell until I got introduced to Kanberra Gel. After one of my lovely students gave me one as a gift, I was amazed at how the “moldy-air” smell was eliminated in my classroom. What I liked best about this is that it didn’t cover up the smell like a band aide. It made the classroom clean and fresh. Teachers walk into my room and ask why my room smells so fresh! I highly recommend this product to any teachers who want to have add a freshness to their room without worrying about allergies!

Melissa– New York


Our daughter was diagnosed with severe allergies and asthma when she was 1 ½ years old. We were in out of the hospital numerous times, with daily doses of inhalants of steroids and emergency medicines to keep her bronchial tubes open and calmed. She continued to have flare ups and more visits to the hospital, and progressed to daily liquid steroids.

I am not a big believer in medications, and the side effects were upsetting, with behavioral issues. I had tried to discontinue the medications, and then the flare ups were even greater, with the Dr.s questioning why I didn’t give her the medications.

This continued until she was almost 5 years old. That is when we were introduced to Kanberra Gel. It has been the greatest product ever for our daughter. We were willing to try anything to get her medications reduced. Just opening a container, by her bed, as she slept at night is all we needed to do. The results were amazing and quick. With the air being purified, that keeps her bronchial tubes open, we were able to discontinue the use of her steroids and other medications. She is 6 years old now.

Our daughter has been asthma medication free for over a year, thanks to Kandberra Gel. We take it with us for traveling, and she remains medication free. It’s the most amazing product, and we recommend it to many people who experience breathing issues. With many children being diagnosed with asthma, many parents are eager to hear how we are able to be medication free.

Diana – Buffalo

I have been bothered by a chronic sinus infection for a few years. Having heard or seen an advertisement for heat duct cleaning by Indoor Air Professionals I contracted IAP to clean all of our air ducts in our heating system.

After this work was completed, I then heard about the use of Kanberra Gel from a representative of IAP on the radio, as a help for the relief of my sinus problem.

After purchase and using the gel while watching TV and placing on my night stand in the bedroom while sleeping, I found in the morning that my breathing was much easier. I also got a good night’s sleep. When not used there is a marked difference in how I feel.

I am well satisfied with the product and have recommended it to at least three more friends with sinus conditions.


I love this product! It has a clean and crisp smell and has definitely improved the quality of air in my classroom. My allergies have not been as bad this year and I credit this to Kanberra Gel. I also use this gel in my bedroom and found that I am awaking with less headaches. Thank you for creating such a great product. The fact that it is made with natural ingredients makes me feel assured that I’m am using the best product for my students and my family.

Betsy – New York