Kanberra Products - Safe to Use Around Pets

Kanberra Products - Safe to Use Around Pets

Pet owners have one main thing in common, and it’s that we wholeheartedly want what’s best for our four-legged, furry family members. And, if you’re like most of us, that means you’ve completely surrendered to your pets ruling the house. We all know this free-range living arrangement our furry loved ones have become accustomed to makes for a happy, comfortable life, but that shouldn’t necessarily mean the house has to smell like the animal kingdom has taken over.  Whether you have one small animal or a house full of pets, the last thing you want is to have a house guest come over and immediately notice you’re a pet owner.

When eliminating powerful pet odor, it’s best to use Kanberra products in the places around the house where odors are the strongest: where the litter box is kept or next to a dog bed. Strategically placing Kanberra gels in strong odor, “hot spots,” will keep your house smelling like those furry loved ones don’t even live with you. Here are a few of our most popular products, along with useful suggestions that will keep your house smelling odor-free.


One simple step to remove pet odor from home and car

  • Put a Kanberra Gel next to the litter box.
  • Place anywhere close to where your dog or cats love to cuddle up.
  • Keep your car smelling fresh even after multiple dog park visits by storing a 2oz gel under the car seat.

For cleaner air and surfaces 

  • Clean surfaces such as leashes, pet travel carriers, and dog beds
  • Spray the air to remove odor after litter-box use immediately
  • Spray a towel to wipe down dirty paws or dirt off fur after a walk.

Remove odor naturally

  • Wash dog beds
  • Towels/blankets
  • Leashes
  • Pet clothes

Kanberra Products are Safe to Use around Pets

The most common question we get from pet owners is about the safety of using Tea Tree Oil around animals. The answer to this can be both simple and complicated because not all Tee Tree Oil is alike. What we can tell you is at Kanberra, we use only the purest ATTIA-certified Tea Tree Oil that is safe to use around both kids and pets. It is important to note that Tea Tree Oil can be harmful when ingested.