Our bundles combine essential Kanberra products for specific uses, allowing you to enjoy the power of all-natural, pure Tea Tree Oil and stay clean naturally.


Intro Bundle: Looking to try our all-natural, certified Tea Tree Oil products for the first time? Our Intro to Kanberra Bundle is a perfect option! It contains three best-selling products—Gel, Spray, and Premium Soap—in smaller containers for you to test out. The 3-ounce gel is perfect for areas up to 300 square feet, whereas spray and soap can be used for on-the-spot effectiveness. Stay clean, naturally! 



Home Bundle: Kanberra's Home Bundle has everything you need for daily living. Keep your home Kanberra clean with our original Kanberra Gel in three 3-ounce containers, one 7-ounce Soap, one 8-ounce Spray, one 7-ounce Laundry Additive, and one container of Multi-Purpose Wipes. 



Auto Bundle: It's no secret that your car can get pretty messy at times. Unfortunately, a cluttered car can also result in stale and unpleasant air. But don't worry, our car bundle is here to help! The bundle includes two 3-ounce gel canisters and a 33.8-ounce refill pouch. All you need to do is place one of the jars in your car and enjoy naturally fresher air. Once the gel is depleted, simply refill it with the contents of the refill pouch.




RV Bundle: Hitting the road in your RV? Stay naturally clean in the great outdoors with our specially crafted RV bundle. Containing all of our favorite products, we can help ensure that you and your RV have the power of our all-natural Tea Tree Oil products at your fingertips. 


Active Lifestyle Bundle: Living an active lifestyle can bring some less-than-clean moments into your life. Whether it's a sweaty cycling kit after a long ride, ski boots after their fifth day on the mountain, or the car bringing you from home to 

wherever your life takes you -- you could use some help cleaning up. Our Active Lifestyle bundle is just for you! We put our all-natural Tea Tree Oil into a variety of products to help you stay cleaner, naturally.  

This bundle contains the best of our products to help you and your sporting endeavors: our anti-friction Chafe Paint, Tea Tree Laundry Additive, All Natural Spray, Premium Soap, and Tea Tree Oil Wipes to clean up after the fact. Get out there!

Refill Bundle: Are you already a Kanberra customer? Our Refill bundle includes our Kanberra Gel, Spray, and Premium Soap to keep your home, boat, or RV feeling fresh.


SMALL: Are you already a Kanberra customer? Our Refill bundle includes our Kanberra Gel, Spray, and Premium Soap to keep your home, boat, or RV feeling fresh. 






MEDIUM: Bigger boats have bigger cleaning needs. For those medium to larger areas onboard, Kanberra Gel can help you enjoy naturally cleaner air through our proprietary blend of tea tree oil. This bundle features four pre-filled, 6 ounce reusable cans of Kanberra Gel and a 33.8 ounce refill pouch.


LARGE: Large vessels have higher demands on keeping the air clean. Our largeboat bundle ensures every area on board can enjoy the power of Kanberra Gel, with various sizes of pre-filled, reusable containers strategically placed throughout and a 1.25-gallon pail to refill. 


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