Chafe Paint to the Rescue - Tattoo Edition

Chafe Paint to the Rescue - Tattoo Edition

As many as 145 million Americans have tattoos. Whether you already have a tattoo or are thinking about getting your first tattoo, taking proper care of your skin art investment is essential to keeping it looking fresh for years to come. 

Care during the healing process is vital. Your new tattoo is considered an open wound for the next two to three weeks until the scabbing process is complete. If you do have a fresh tattoo, it’s essential to keep it out of the sunshine during this time. UV rays from the sun will fade your tattoo if exposed for long periods. You can cover up your tattoo during the day, put on sunblock when outside and Chafe Paint to keep the skin hydrated at night. Other ways to keep your skin hydrated include drinking extra water, shorter 5 min lukewarm showers instead of long hot showers that can dehydrate the skin.

  • Keep skin out of direct sunlight
  • Always use sunscreen
  • Stay hydrated inside and out
  • Brighter colors will fade first
  • Check skin often

Chafe Paint is not just for new tattoos but is ideal for helping revive the color of older ink too. 

The tattoo aftercare process is straightforward for sun exposure; the better you care for your skin, the better your new or old tattoo will appear. With the above tips and proper care instructions from your dermatologist and or tattoo artist, you’ll keep your tattoo looking fresh and vibrant.

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