Kanberra® products are essential during Boat and RV Winterization. 

Customers worldwide have discovered that Kanberra® Gel and Kanberra Spray® offer a revolutionary way to clean the air and remove odors. Using Kanberra while winterizing your boat and RV is, without a doubt, the most powerful way to keep your toys safe.

When it comes to your marine vessel and RV, damage in many areas, especially sensitive electronics, can cost thousands to repair or clean up. Kanberra protects against expensive damage in storage.

Dampness and temperature fluctuations inside a vessel during storage (including heated storage) can create costly and time-consuming problems. Including Kanberra Gel in the storage process can lead to “smooth sailing” when it’s time to hit the water. The gel will freeze when the temperature drops below freezing but goes right back to work upon thawing. 

Kanberra Gel is easy and efficient.

When placed within the air handling units or an inconspicuous place in the cabin – the air is cleaner, and odors are neutralized.

  • Proprietary formula containing a premium blend of pure certified Australian Tea Tree Oil.
  • Forced and natural airflow activates Kanberra Gel’s vapors throughout the craft.
  • 100% natural active ingredients – safe around kids and pets.
  • Penetrates porous materials and provides long-lasting protection.

Kanberra Gel® protects:

  • Electronics Panel Components
  • Deck Storage Lockers
  • Rope Lockers
  • Bait Lockers
  • Lazzarette
  • Interior Galleys
  • Chiller Systems & Fresh Air Make-Up Units
  • Bilge Area
  • Black Water System Pipework

Clean Before you Seal Everything Up!

Kanberra Spray® All-Natural Odor Remover -protection in an instant

Use Kanberra Spray® onboard to clean air and surfaces in an instant. It scrubs air and surfaces to remove odors like magic. It is not just masking odors but removing them.

  • 100% Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil to Clean your home and keep your air healthy
  • Certified by ATTIA
  • Odor Remover, Surface Cleaner & more
  • Safe to use around Kids & Pets
  • All Natural, No Chemicals
  • The unique formula features a proprietary blend of Australian Tea Tree Oils and other essential oils – 100% natural ingredients.
  • The instant spray allows Tea Tree Oil (TTO) airborne to attack and remove odors.

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