Get Active - Stay Active with Kanberra!

Get Active - Stay Active with Kanberra!

The New Year is a perfect time to set good-for-you goals to help you live a longer, healthier life. Whether your top goal is to simply spend more time outdoors, move more, or train for that upcoming event you've always had your eye on, we are here for it! At Kanberra, we aim to help you live the best version of yourself by staying germ-free, breathing in clean air, and keeping you protected and clean as you become more active.   

There's nothing worse than gear that, no matter how much you wash it, still has a funk to it. Looking to get sports stink out of your house? Let Kanberra's line of certified pure Tea Tree Oil based products eliminate odors from your home workout space or favorite workout apparel today.

  • Easily removes odor from equipment bags or apparel, from hockey, football, baseball, lacrosse, cycling, and more.
  • As easy to use as opening a jar — works 24/7 -- to eliminate odor from your indoor workout space.
  • No chemicals. All natural. Safe around kids.

The newly formulated Chafe Paint and Taint Paints (with menthol) are vegan-friendly and ready to help you achieve your active goals for 2023! With 20* healing, soothing, anti-friction ingredients, these products are considered the number one go-to for active people everywhere.

Kanberra for Home - Work - Family

For those of us that have organizational goals. Kanberra can keep you and your family safe from head to toe; even the furkids can benefit from Kanberra's all-natural blend. Here’s our advice to stay Kanberra clean, breathe easier, and exceed your 2023 goals.

  • Wash (Kanberra Soap diluted 1/10) and Spray (Kanberra Spray) kitchen cabinet handles and doors.
  • Air duct Cleaning (Call Indoor Air Professionals for a free estimate at 800-683-0021). Breathe cleaner air with 16 oz or 32 oz Kanberra Gel inside the air duct system..
  • Wash pet beds, exercise clothes, dish towels, etc., with Kanberra Laundry Additive to remove tough odors
  • Spray the inside of gym bags, shoes, hats, helmets, and masks with Kanberra Spray.
  • Put Kanberra Gel jars in every room of the house, car, office, boat, and RV to clean the air 24/7.
  • Start a Kanberra Gel Refill subscription and never be caught with empty jars.
  • Wash dogs/pets with Kanberra Soap (*not cats...they will scratch you.)
  • Add a Diffuser with a few drops of Kanberra Essential Tea Tree Oil to rooms you spend the most time in to alleviate allergies and breathe easier.
  • Keep a 2 oz Kanberra Hand Sanitizer Alternative with you wherever you go. It will not only clean your hands but also create a safe barrier that lasts for hours.
  • Follow Kanberra on Facebook/Instagram/Youtube/Tiktok for specials, instructional videos, and more valuable ideas.

*Taint Paint is formulated with 21 ingredients with the addition of Menthol.

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