How to Use Kanberra Gel

How to Use Kanberra Gel

How Dirty Is Your Air?

We often get asked the question, “What does clean air smell like?” And the response is, “nothing!” Clean air should not have a particular scent. However, everyone is different and might associate clean air with the smell of a fragrant flower, pine trees, or the ocean. Clean air, free of mildew, mold, and/or toxic vapors, smells, well, like nothing. 

The follow-up to this question is “how much Kanberra Gel should I use for a particular size space?" Ideally, there would be a straightforward response to this question, but we first need to know how dirty your air is. Are you a smoker, have multiple pets, cook with fragrant ingredients, or have stinky sports gear all over the house? We can give you a general guideline for the amount of gel to use (1 oz per 100sqft), but the gel usage mode for you and size can vary vastly depending on how dirty your air is. 


There are three primary usage modes for Kanberra Gel.

  • Shock Mode: Completely remove the lid and let the gel get to work. After about 5-7 days (depending upon the severity of the problem), you can recap it and slow down the evaporation rate. 
  • Maintenance & Protection Mode: (lasts 30-90 days)
  • Refill Mode: everyone should refill their Kanberra® containers versus adding more plastic to landfills.

Refilling with the 24oz or 33oz refill pouch will save up to 60% (e.g. 2oz gel is $20.00 = $10.00/oz. A 24oz refill is $100.00 = $4.00/oz. Refilling = 60% savings!)

When refilling, only fill the gel to the bottom of the jar thread line to leave room for air to move over the gel. Lastly, please note that you should throw away the hard-green nugget at the bottom of the jar once all the gel has evaporated. 

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