Kanberra Gel Q & A

Kanberra Gel Q & A

Kanberra® Gel - The Original All-Natural Air Purifiers

What is Kanberra Gel?

Kanberra Gel is a proprietary blend of water-based alcohol-free pharmaceutical-grade Australian Tea Tree Oils. 

How does Kanberra Gel work?

At the micro-biotic level, the air itself absorbs pharmaceutical-grade oils. As the air circulates Kanberra Gel begins eliminating odors. It does so naturally, with no chemicals. 

Is Kanberra safe to use around pets?

There are anecdotal reports that Tea Tree Oils can be harmful or even cause the deaths of beloved pets. The only scientifically documented tests with Tea Tree Oils were performed with mice and rabbits. These studies used Tea Tree Oil amounts significantly higher than any you will encounter with Kanberra products. We welcome you to read reviews and testimonials where Kanberra was used for years in close proximity to many different animal species with no ill effects. These are, of course, just anecdotes as well, but many of us at Kanberra can speak to these experiences personally. Please note that certain types of pets such as birds and fish are more sensitive to environmental hazards. We highly recommend owners use caution when using any products around such pets. If you are worried about adverse effects, observe your animals for behavior changes and discontinue use if needed.

What size Kanberra Gel jar should I get?

Depending on where it is being placed; boat, car, RV, or home. A general rule is 1 oz for every 100 sq feet of space. Keep in mind how dirty your air is as well. Smoker? Pets? Cook with fragrant ingredients? Kids and sweaty athletes always around? You’ll want to size up and a few jars around is more powerful than one jar in the middle of a space. 

If being used in a boat or RV up to 20’ (6m) we recommend 1 to 2 jars. Boats and RVs longer than this should divide their length by 10 and add one jar to that for a final total. For example, a 50 ft boat would use 6 total jars.  

How Should I Place the Container?

The beauty of Kanberra Gel is that it can be placed anywhere, so long as you have a flat surface. If you are a new user of the product it is recommended you follow our recommended usage modes:

Shock Mode (2-3 days) – Uncap the product and place it open without the diffuser lid.

Maintenance Mode (up to 30 days) – Place the diffuser lid on the container to slow overall evaporation.

Protection Mode (30 to 90 days) – The application area is effectively ‘clean’ and the product will now provide extended airborne protection against odors.

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