Lancaster, NY Company Looks to Clean up with Tea Tree Oil Products

Interesting things happened to Joel Solly after he joined and helped establish an indoor air cleaning company in 1993 and spent a couple of years perfecting how to clean ventilation ducts without using harsh chemicals.

He found out the same proprietary tea tree oil blend he developed for Indoor Air Professionals made a great air purifying gel, spray and wipes for use on boats, in RVs and other motor vehicles, and in homes and commercial buildings – as well as on humans, dogs and horses.

The Lancaster-based company recently released the fourth product in its Kanberra line: hand soap.

Kanberra may not be a household name in the U.S. – or even Western New York – but the unique ability of its products to clean and deodorize surfaces and the air, without leaving covered-up, lingering odors, has created a buzz in the marine trade, including the U.S. Navy, which uses Solly’s company to clean its ships around the globe.

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