Making sure your boat is clean, virus-free, and ready to go…

Making sure your boat is clean, virus-free, and ready to go…

We are all cooped-up up North and as the weather turns warmer, we are all itching to get our boats in the water. We all want to practice social distancing with our loved ones doing what we love; being out on the water. There is something liberating about being away from shore with wind in our faces that is a bit of normalcy in these abnormal times. 

In addition to all of the de-winterizing activities we are all accustomed to, we should also make sure we clean our boats with an eye on viruses. Having been a supplier to the boating world for over a decade, here is what we have learned:

  • Kanberra Gel is a perfect all-natural air purifier and should be in every compartment on your boat to work on those musty smells we all hate.
  • Kanberra Spray is a very effective surface cleaner that leverages the antimicrobial power of Tea Tree Oil to help make surfaces safer to touch.

There are many studies out about the power of Tea Tree Oil and that is why we have been using only ATTIA certified oils from the very beginning.  We are the only company in the US that uses certified, unadulterated oil in all of the products we make.

As your boats come out of storage, please add the extra step of wiping (disinfecting) all of the surfaces you come in contact with.  We suggest using Kanberra Wipes but unfortunately the current situation has caused us to be sold out.  The work-around is to take a towel and spray it with our Kanberra Spray for the same effect. We hope you have a great boating season and are here if you have any questions.

And finally, hand washing has been top of mind for everyone lately and we have a fantastic soap that has tea tree oil in it to boost the power of your handwashing.

Be safe out there!

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