A Snowbird's Best Friend

A Snowbird's Best Friend

To all the Snowbirds, winter hibernators and outdoor enthusiasts getting ready for Spring. It’s time to dust off the gear and get outside! Whether you are closing up your second home in the warmer southern climate and heading back up north or opening up your summer vacation cabins that were buried in snow all winter. Kanberra products are essential to use for both winterizing and de-winterizing, keeping everything clean without having to use harsh chemicals. Let Kanberra’s proprietary blend of tea tree oils do the work for you.

Snowbirds – Your friends up north miss you. It’s time to lock up those Florida home (or wherever you prefer to spend your sunny warm winter days) and venture back up to the great northern hemisphere. Before you leave ensure your vacation home stays fresh for your scheduled fall migration. Think of Kanberra Gel as a way to “house sit” for you when you are away. By placing Kanberra Gel jars throughout the house you can keep away mold growth, musty odors and return to a fresh sent in the fall.

Winter Hibernators – Have you been keeping the doors to a summer cabin closed all winter and it’s timeto open back up? Scared of the musty, smell you might get struck with when you first open the doors. Kanberra can help. Our Kanberra Spray is perfect for immediate odor removal and the Gel in key spots like the kitchen, main living areas and bathrooms will keep the odor away 24/7.

Outdoor EnthusiastOkay, yes, this is ALL OF US. Who isn’t excited for warmer weather and the chanceto get outside for some much-needed Vitamin D? Open up the windows and get some fresh air in the lungs is good for everyone. If you have camping gear, it’s time to air it out and give it a good spritz with Kanberra Spray. Wash out the cooler with Kanberra Soap and throw a 2 oz jar of Kanberra Gel in there to keep it fresh

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