No matter where you live, the first day of spring brings with it that fresh start feeling. It’s that time of year it feels good to get extra organized, finally declutter that junk drawer you've been ignoring all winter, clean the inside and behind the fridge, and KANBERRA® CLEAN all the things!

Now that spring is here, we wanted to take a moment to remind you of all the ways Kanberra can help you get cleaner and breathe easier. Kanberra products clean the air, surfaces, and skin, we have something for every inch of your home and every family member in it, including the fur kids! 

We recommend three essential products to get the most out of your cleaning; below are a few of our favorite uses for the Kanberra Spray, Kanberra Premium Soap, and The Original All Natural Air Purifying Kanberra Gel. This list will grow as we continue to find more effective ways to benefit from the cleaning power of our proprietary blend of essential Tea Tree Oils; we’ll continue to add usage ideas and share those ideas with the world. 

Kanberra Spray: Removes Odor Instantly 

Car - Spray into Heating & AC system to circulate fresh, clean air through the vehicle. Spray car handles, steering wheel, and buckles to sanitize after you’ve been out and about

Home - Keep in obviously stinky rooms such as bathroom and kitchen.

Body - Spray on a towel to wipe down and clean or directly onto the skin.

Workout Space - Perfect for post-ride odor removal inside shoes, hats, helmets. Clean dumbbells, bike handle, bike saddle, and any surface that needs extra attention.

Kanberra Premium Soap

Home - Mix with water and add to a spray bottle to clean kitchen counters, sinks, cabinets, and more. Use as a Laundry Additive using 2 to 4 pumps directly on your clothes before washing or simply add to detergent. The soap works double-time and will clean the internal workings of your washer as it washes. 

Body - Wash your body, gentle enough to use on your face, and makes the perfect bubble bath that your body will thank you for after all that spring cleaning. Perfect to use for washing the dogs but not cats; cats don’t like that, highly DO NOT recommend!

Kanberra Gel - The Original All Natural Air Purifier 

Car - Keep a 2 oz or 4 oz Gel in your vehicle to remove odor 24/7. Perfect for vintage car restoration and reviving any car left in storage.

Home - Place Kanberra Gel in your Furnace to continuously clean your air duct system. Put Kanberra Gel throughout the house. We recommend 1 oz of Gel per 100 sq ft as an estimated rule to start with; the dirtier the air, i.e., smoke, pets, fragrant cooking, the more you may need.  

Office - Working from home or kids got extra homework? Make sure the office is always smelling professional. 

Workout Space - Never have that stale sweat smell again! Breathe hard and breathe fresh, clean air while improving your fitness and health.


Kanberra Laundry Additive 

There's nothing worse than gear that still has a funk to it, no matter how much you wash it. Kanberra Laundry Additive will remove even the toughest odors, including sports clothing, camping/fishing gear, pet blankets, and bedding. You name it, our additive works! 

Let Kanberra's line of certified pure Tea Tree Oil-based products eliminate odors from your home workout space or favorite workout apparel today.

  • Removes tough odors from clothing, towels, and especially active workout gear and equipment
  • Cleans the washing machine inside and out; reducing maintenance
  • No harsh chemicals
  • All-natural active ingredients
  • Safe to use around kids and pets
  • ATTIA certified

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