Stay Safe - Stay Kanberra Clean

Stay Safe - Stay Kanberra Clean

Because of the rising effects of the various emerging variants, health officials ask us to return to mask use in many indoor spaces and adhere to CDC Guidelines. Here are a few extra steps using the power of Kanberra you can take to increase safety for both vaccinated and unvaccinated people. 

  • Keep Kanberra Spray with you while out of the home. Our Spray has many uses that can both remove odors and clean services.  
  • Wear a mask while inside and use the Kanberra Spray when you take it on and off. 
  • Spray and clean handles on shopping carts, your car steering wheel, door handles, you name it, anything you touch! 
  • Kanberra Hand Sanitizer Alternative is a perfect alternative to keep your hands clean without drying them out. 
  • Breathe clean air while in your car running errands. Put a 2 oz Kanberra Gel jar under your car seat. 
  • Give your hands a good cleaning with Kanberra Soap. This has double power to clean your hands and the air as you lather up!  
  • Wash your mask and clothing to remove odors and germs with the Kanberra Laundry Additive. A couple pumps with your regular laundry is all it takes! 

Keep up with Healthy Guidelines 
  • Social Distance
  • Wear a Mask 
  • Keep Gatherings Small 
  • Wash Hands for 20+ Seconds
  • Stay Home if Feeling any Symptoms

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