What makes certified Tea Tree Oil important?

What makes certified Tea Tree Oil important?

Kanberra® Uses 100% Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil & other Essential Oils certified by ATTIA to ensure the best quality:

Adulteration and why it's important to understand

Due to the proven effectiveness of 100% pure Australian TTO, a market has developed for either adulterated oil consisting of Australian (or other) TTO diluted with synthetic components (usually created from other plant based compounds such as sabinene from pine oil) or using waste products derived from naturalising other essential oils such as Pine, Eucalyptus and White Camphor oils. This is described by some as “Nature Identical” TTO.  Manufacturers of these adulterated or synthesised oils carefully balance the mix of components they use to ensure that all of the physical properties of their oil conform to the international standard, including the optical rotation of the product. This has made detection of these adulterated products difficult.

These adulterated or synthetic products masquerade as TTO and have no scientific evidence to support their safety and effectiveness. Furthermore, they are not supported by the thousands of years of use by the Australian Aboriginal indigenous population. Synthetically produced oils may be placing consumers at risk. At the very least, it may turn many consumers away from using tea tree oil entirely. The fraudulent use of adulterated and “nature identical” oil is unethical and potentially deprives users of the right to use an essential oil proven to work safely and effectively. Growers are disadvantaged by the practice as the cost of bringing these adulterated or synthetic products to market is significantly less than the cost an Australian farmer can sustainably produce genuine pure Australian TTO.

We are proud to be certified by ATTIA that ensure our product is safe and effective!


To find out more visit: ATTIA

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