Yes, Kanberra IS Pet Friendly!

Yes, Kanberra IS Pet Friendly!

It’s our most asked question! Is Kanberra safe to use on and around pets? 

There are anecdotal reports that Tea Tree Oils can be harmful or even cause the deaths of beloved pets. The only scientifically documented tests with Tea Tree Oils were performed with mice and rabbits. These studies used Tea Tree Oil amounts significantly higher than any you will encounter with Kanberra products. We welcome you to read reviews and testimonials where Kanberra was used for years in close proximity to many different animal species with no ill effects. These are, of course, just anecdotes as well, but many of us at Kanberra can speak to these experiences personally. Please note that certain types of pets such as birds and fish are more sensitive to environmental hazards. We highly recommend owners use caution when using any products around such pets. If you are worried about adverse effects, observe your animals for behavior changes and discontinue use if needed. 


Kanberra Usage for Pets:

  • Place a Kanberra Gel next to the litter box 
  • Wash Fido and suds up with our Kanberra Soap 
  • Keep dog beds, pillows, soft toys and blankets clean and odor free with our Kanberra Laundry Additive 
  • Stink happens! Give it a quick spritz of Kanberra Spray and odor will instantly go away! 

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