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Tea Tree Summer Savings

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Tea Tree Essentials Bundle. With Free Car Air Purifier and Free Shipping.

What's in the box?

1.) All Natural Tea Tree Wipes
2,) All Natural Tea Tree 2oz Spray
3.) All Natural Tea Tree 4oz Air Purifier Gel
4.) All Natural Tea Tree Soap
5.) All Natural Tea Tree Automobile Air Purifier (FREE-BONUS!!)

Common Uses

1.) Clean your boat (Wipes, Spray)
2.) Clean your car (Wipes, Spray)
3.) Clean your bathroom (Wipes)
4.) Clean your kitchen (Wipes)
5.) Wash your hands (Soap)
6.) Wash your feet (Soap)
7.) Purify the Air (Gel)
8.) Get rid of pet odors (Spray, Gel)
9.) Clean your office (Wipes, Spray, Gel)
10.) Clean your clothes (Soap)

Kanberra Products are infused with the natural properties of Pure Australian Tea Tree oils. With no harsh chemicals