Kanberra Gel graphic with tagline Stop Odors, the original all natural air purifier. Made with certified pure tea tree oil.

Airborne Odor Eliminators

Trust us when we say Kanberra has over 20 years of experience in treating odors.

What makes Kanberra different to other products? Simple. We use the purest Tea Tree Oil on the market and we make it airborne. No matter where your odor lives, Kanberra Gel® and Kanberra Spray® will stop odors, naturally.

The Kanberra Group developed a means of releasing TTO in an airborne manner. Simple air movement across Kanberra Gel®, or a shot of Kanberra Spray® delivers TTO into the air and on surfaces to eliminate odors and keep them from coming back. It looks easy now, but it took more than a decade of research and development, market testing and refinement to be able to produce our all natural line of air purification products like no other in the world!

Kanberra's Airborne Odor Eliminators are trademarked and time-tested. Don't just trust us: they've been purchased by tens of thousands of happy customers worldwide. Have an odor issue? Let us solve it for you.