International Sales

For our international customers, you have a few options to be able to help you stay clean, naturally with the power of our all-natural, pure Tea Tree Oil.

Global Yachting Partner - National Marine Suppliers

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If your yacht can get there, National Marine Suppliers can get our all-natural, pure Tea Tree Oil based products there! Wherever your port of call, National Marine Suppliers is able to help you keep your yacht Kanberra clean.

European Customers

Biotechnature sells versatile products that offer superior performance, cost efficiency, and minimal environmental impact like Kanberra to European customers. Their goal is to find safer cleaning solutions that cause the least damage and impact on the environment.

BlauNaval sells and distributes key products, like Kanberra, for the super yacht industry in Spain.

New Zealand & Australian Customers

National Marine Pacific services super yachts in New Zealand, Australia and surrounding islands and proudly carries the Kanberra brand.