The Kanberra Difference

What makes Kanberra different?

It’s the rich history of our founder Joel Solly, and his personal commitment to providing the purest, safest, yet toughest fight against airborne odor possible and enhance in-door air quality. For over two decades, Joel has lived and breathed bringing fresh air into hundreds of thousands of homes, boats, RV’s, cars, and locker rooms, safely and effectively. 

Starting Indoor Air Professionals in the air duct cleaning business, Joel was committed to finding a better way to clean the duct systems of the homes, office space, and commercial locations he and his staff were cleaning. Not wanting to use the traditional harsh chemicals that competitors used, Joel and his staff researched the power of Tea Tree Oil. The result was the start of Joel’s long-lasting relationship with ATTIA (Australian Tea Tree Industry Association) . From day one, Joel has used the gold standard of Tea Tree Oil in his fight against odor and other harmful daily concerns.

The Kanberra team developed a way to make Tea Tree Oil Airbone in air duct systems during and after cleaning. It was a success. Soon after, they created our hero product: Kanberra Gel: The Original All-Natural Air Purifier™. Due to popular demand, Kanberra launched into the marine industry and quickly became the most popular all-natural way to keep your boat clean, fresh, and odor-free. Following these successes came the development of Kanberra Spray, Kanberra Soap, Kanberra Anti-Friction Cream, Fogging Concentrate, and Kanberra Wipes.

Joel’s passion and success with tea tree oil soon led him to want to find products that worked in one of his hobbies: cycling. That led to the development of Taint Paint, a chamois cream that wouldn’t leave greasy residue and would last for long days in the saddle. Taint Paint led to the whole Kanberra Sport line of products, all designed to help keep your gear and home smelling fresher. This includes our Laundry Additive, which helps eliminate the stink that comes from a hard workout.

Kanberra continues to meet the needs of its customers with new developments. As a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have added our latest product: Kanberra All-Natural Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer Alternative Made with Real Tea Tree Oil . We believe you’ll find it to be the best alternative on the market to traditional hand sanitizers that you see on shelves nationwide.


When you buy a Kanberra Product you can rest assured that every single product meets the strict standards of the Kanberra team. We love our products and take pride in making, packaging, and shipping it to you. Please join us in taking care of your homes, boat’s, RV’s, cars, and your active lifestyle equipment. Stay clean, stay fresh and breathe in odor-free air.

  • All-Natural Active Ingredients
  • Made in America (Tea Tree Oil is brought in from Australia)
  • Born-on-date on all our products for ultimate freshness
  • Attia Certified Logo ( Look for the Logo ) 
  • Gel, Spray and Soap in reusable containers for big savings on refills 




ATTIA (Australian Tea Tree Industry Association) is the Australian government approved industry body put in place to support the tea tree oil industry. ATTIA adheres to stringent legal requirements than ensure the quality and safety of 100% pure Australian tea tree oil. ATTIA certifies the plants, the oil extractions, and the tree farms, making Kanberra Tea Tree Oil traceable from seed to sale. For more information on ATTIA CLICK HERE