Benefits of Tea Tree Oil

 Tea Tree Oil Benifits

Tea Tree Oil from Australia is known to posses a large number of very desirable properties. It may well be the gold standard by which essential oils are compared. Its use in hair and skin health, and aromatherapy are well documented. It also has uses as a sanitizing agent to reduce contamination from mold and bacteria. It also works well as an insecticide. Any claims regarding its use as pesticide in any way are carefully regulated by the US EPA and environmental regulatory agencies in other countries as well.

 Let’s examine some properties of Tea Tree Oil:

  • Tea Tree Oil can be used undiluted (neat) or in tinctures and mixtures with other essential oils and other compounds. In most skin and hair products the Tea Tree Oil is part of a complex mixture which allows the benefits to shine through while avoiding some of the harshness of using the neat oil itself.
  • Tea Tree Oil shampoo products are generally using many of the pesticidal properties that the EPA prohibits claims about unless the products are registered. Its antimicrobial, anti-fungal and insecticidal abilities are very useful in reducing things like fungi and bacteria which can lead to scalp irritation and dandruff. Tea Tree Oil for lice is also a very well-known hair and scalp use. Some products like lice treatments are registered as pesticides with the EPA. Most claims in hair products refer properties like hair follicle unclogging and hair regrowth rather than make pesticidal claims. While Tea Tree is a strong solvent its percentage in these formulations makes these claims a bit dubious.
  • Tea Tree Oil for acne is another common use. Tea Tree Oil has been shown in scientific studies to be astringent and drying which is the same way many OTC and prescription acne treatments work. Tea Tree Oil is sometimes used neat on the skin but this can lead to strong irritation and allergic reactions. Most preparations have Tea Tree Oil in some kind of carrier base which not only dilutes the oil but aids it in staying in place.
  • Tea Tree Oil is all derived from the distillation of leaves and stems of the Melaleuca Alternifolia plant which is found exclusively in Australia. It is actually a very complex mixture of more than a hundred different distinct oils such as “ terpinen 4 ol ” that are produced by the plants. This unique mixture is what gives the oil its unique properties. Like many essential oils manufacturers have tried to find ways to reduce the cost of the oil. One of the most obvious ways is to cut or dilute the oil with another oil or solvent which is less costly. “ Tea Tree Oil Walmart ” or “ Tea Tree Oil Walgreens ” may be cheap but it also may be significantly impure and thus less likely to do what it was intended for.

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