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The Kanberra Group mission is to develop and deliver innovative air quality solutions to the public with the ultimate goal of improving their health, to educate individuals on the importance and the benefits of improving the quality of air that we breathe, and the impact it has on our long term health. Kanberra Products are made in the USA, and manufactured in Lancaster, NY. We take pride in our 25-plus year history of indoor air quality expertise, and we are continually refining and developing our product offerings. We are one company with one focus: improving indoor air quality and health.

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What Our Customers Say:

My husband just brought home the Kanberra Gel, and I love it! Although it works great in any room, I placed the jar in my baby’s nursery, near the diaper pail. It keeps her room smelling fresh all of the time, and because its natural, I don’t have to worry! This is the only air freshener that has worked so well for us in the past three years, two children, and hundreds of diapers.

Stacy – New York

It just works! I use it in my kitchen and any odor just dissipates. I smell nothing but clean air. I’m very happy with it. We put the large 16oz size in the furnace as well.

Jane – New York

This product immediately improved the air quality in our home – particularly our finished basement that sometimes has a musty odor. We will definitely continue to use it in our home and offices.

Kelly - New York