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Clean the Air as you Lather, with Kanberra Tea Tree Premium Soap.

Washing with Kanberra Tea Tree Soap

This botanical soap is an all-natural cleanser enriched with Australian Tea Tree Oil and other essential oils for a gentle clean that leaves your skin soft, clean, and the air purified. Kanberra believes in keeping our families healthy. It can be a struggle to keep yourself and your home clean and fresh, without being subjected to harmful chemicals. We know that clean air, surfaces, and bodies are fundamental aspects of living a healthy life. This is why we created Kanberra Premium Tea Tree Soap as a universal product that is wildly effective at cleansing the body, surfaces, and even the air- and not simply by masking odors. This soap has changed our lives and we hope you’ll let it change yours as well- allowing you to take a deep breath and relax.

Enjoy cleaner skin and air for healthier living.

Kanberra Premium soap contains an all-natural blend of Kanberra Premium Certified Tea Tree Oils that are ATTIA certified. The soap deeply cleans skin and removes tough odors. There aren’t any perfumes or artificial scents in our water-based soap, just the goodness that Mother Nature has provided us with.  Also, our soap with tea tree cleans the air as you lather- take your time to work the soap, rich with Australian tea tree, into your skin and body as you breathe the clean fresh air! It will leave your skin, body, and surroundings clean, soft, and odor-free.  

Kanberra Soap- Not only for hands.

Kanberra’s Premium Soap made with Tea Tree is the one product that you’ll want to have throughout your house. While this soap is being lathered to cleanse nearly anything- ranging from nearly any body part or household surface- it also works as an air purifier, keeping your body and home fresh and clean! Kanberra Premium Tea Tree Soap contains an all-natural blend of certified tea tree oils and is formulated without harsh chemicals, perfumes, or artificial scents.

Today, there seem to be specialty products for just about everything. Not only are there different soaps that target specific areas of the body- hand soap, facial cleansers, body washes, bath gels, shampoos, and many more- but also for all around the house. At Kanberra, we want to utilize the advice of those who came before us, when there were simpler solutions and fewer products to clutter up your closets and pantries. With more and more new and flashy cleaning products available almost daily, the good old soaps sometimes get forgotten. But Mother Nature has provided us with some incredible herbs, which, when used in regular soaps, can take them to completely new levels and should not be forgotten or overlooked. Tea Tree is one such herb that is commonly used for essential oil. The oil is commonly recognized as being incredibly beneficial for our skin and hair when combined with soaps. As such, a simple and pure plant-based soap infused with tea tree also brings about an elevated cleansing experience.

Our soap is perfect for everyday hand soap. It is equally effective as a facial cleanser, body wash, and shampoo! Kanberra soap is beneficial for all skin types (dry, oily, sensitive, combination, aging, teenage, acne-prone, and normal), adapting to whatever your skin and body may need. The versatile capabilities of Kanberra soap make it a valuable ally to have near every sink and shower.

Keep reading to find out more about why our customers love our soap!

Wet skin and body, apply soap, work soap into a rich lather for 30 seconds (or more as needed), and rinse well.

Recommended Soap Amounts:
- Heavy Duty – 2 pumps of soap with tea tree
- Medium Duty – 1 pump of soap with tea tree
- Light Duty – ½ pump of soap with tea tree
Repeat as necessary

Active Ingredients:
Melaleuca alternifolia (Tea Tree Oil) and other essential oils, sodium c14-16 olefin sulfonate, sodium laureth sulfate, lauramide DEA, glycol stearate, preservatives, and deionized water.

How Kanberra Premium Tea Tree Oil Soap Came to Be.

It has always been important to us to take care of and keep ourselves and our families healthy. We found it increasingly difficult to find household and personal care products that kept things clean and fresh, without subjecting our loved ones to harsh chemicals. This frustration turned into inspiration and passion. We began creating a soap product with tea tree that could safely and naturally clean our bodies, our homes, as well as the air we breathe. Kanberra soap with tea tree uses the unique properties of Australian tea tree oil, long-proven to be nature’s effective antiseptic, cleanser, and preservative.

What is Tea Tree Oil?

Tea tree oil is a pale yellow-colored, clear essential oil obtained from a small tree called Melaleuca Alternifolia, which originated from Queensland and New South Wales in Australia. The oil with a fresh camphoraceous odor is steam-distilled with care from the crushed leaves of the plant.

Since ancient times, tea tree essential oil has been used as a traditional medicine for colds, coughs, and skin healing. It has strong antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-fungal properties which make it an important part of many skincare products like soaps, shampoos, acne creams, etc.

ATTIA Certified, 100% Pure Tea Tree Oil.

ATTIA (Australian Tea Tree Industry Association) is the Australian government-sanctioned industry established as a way to support the Australian tea tree oil industry. ATTIA maintains strict legal requirements that guarantee both the quality and safety of 100% pure Australian tea tree oil. ATTIA certifies all parts of the process from the plants themselves, to the oil extractions, and the tree farms. This certification ensures that Kanberra Tea Tree Oil is completely traceable from seed to sale.

Made Fresh. Made in the USA.

When you buy a Kanberra tea tree product you can rest assured that every single item meets the strict standards and care of the Kanberra team. We love our products and take pride in making, packaging, and shipping them to you. Stay clean, stay fresh, and breathe in odor-free air with our premium soap.

Kanberra for Pets.

Kanberra Tea Tree Soap isn’t only for humans. This soap is an excellent alternative to expensive pet soap and shampoo often filled with harsh chemicals, perfumes, and artificial scents. Not only are these chemicals unhealthy for our four-legged family members, but the chemicals can be spread to their two-legged friends by mere physical contact. Additionally, the wonderful anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and odor-absorbing properties of tea tree will help to keep your pet smelling fresh! Your pets will thank you!

Tea Tree Soap also a Household Cleaner.

Just dilute the soap with water and this soap becomes a wonderfully effective plant-based chemical-free cleaner for surfaces throughout your house! Use our soap with tea tree to wash your floors, kitchen cabinets, door handles, workout room and equipment, and so much more.

Benefits of Tea Tree Oil Soap.

Below are some of the benefits people report enjoying by using tea tree oil:

Works as a Medicated Cleanser

Tea Tree oil soap is an extremely effective yet gentle plant-based cleanser for the whole body. The natural and robust antiseptic properties of the Australian Tea Tree work to yield the same result as other medicated cleansers full of harsh chemicals. Because of this, we consider soap with tea tree a medicated cleanser, which is happily able to replace other body care products with ingredients that are difficult to pronounce.

Delivers Smooth, Clear Skin.

Many have reported that regular use of soap with tea tree aids in the healing and eliminating of blemishes of all kinds. The anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties of the tea tree essential oil encourages the limiting of growth of microbes on the skin. This in turn helps to prevent the blemish-causing microbes from coming back, therefore alleviating inflammation. The wonderful effect of the tea tree is that your skin imperfections begin to disappear, revealing smooth, even-toned, radiant skin!              

Reduces Presence of Acne.

The use of soap with tea tree is a great way to care for skin that is prone to acne. It can be a wonderful way to decrease both the number of blemishes on the body as well as the severity of acne and skin inflammation. Soap with tea tree has been the cure for many people’s acne woes as well as additional associated concerns linked to regulating subsequent outbreaks. This is the magic of gentle soap with tea tree- and all without causing body dryness, itchiness, or burning sensation. 

Reveals Your Optimal Natural Skin.

There are many various skin conditions that exist. Often, medicated soap is used to try to alleviate the discomfort caused by them. However, nature has provided a remedy; the majority of these skin conditions can be helped by the wonders of soap with tea tree. The magnificent anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties of tea tree are part of this solution. These assets that tea tree holds prevent the growth and development of unhealthy bacteria or microbes on your skin and body. Soap with tea tree also helps to heal the symptoms of a variety of skin ailments or infections in a genuinely effective way. Some of these conditions that find relief with tea tree include eczema, contact dermatitis, psoriasis, athlete’s foot, ringworm attack, and more.

Heals Cuts and Bruises Quickly.

Tea Tree is commonly recognized for its antiseptic power which assists in disinfecting and healing body cuts, wounds, and bruises of all kinds. When administered in a time-sensitive manner, it helps by quickly killing unhealthy bacteria that can instigate infection. Tea Tree soap is an all-natural plant-based product that is absolutely mild on our skin and works delicately on damaged tissue. Due to its gentle nature, this soap can be used all over the body to care for and soothe skin conditions like burns and abrasions as well.

Keeps Body Odor at Bay.

The main cause of body odor is the build-up of bacteria and odor-causing microbes that live on the skin. The natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that tea tree holds can greatly diminish the presence of those microbes significantly when using tea tree soap regularly in while bathing.

Dandruff and Itchy Scalp Remedy.

The magnificent benefits of tea tree are not only glorious for our skin, but tea tree soap can also be rather beneficial for our hair as well. Unlike many of its counterparts, tea tree is a chemical-free soap that is very gentle on the scalp as well as on hair. It can be used for daily hair washing without any worry, eliminating build-up that can be caused by hair products, bacteria, or fungi. If preferred, it can also be used on only a periodic basis to specifically treat an outbreak of dandruff or itchy scalp.

Not only for the body.

Last but not least, a tea tree soap is more than just a body soap. It is an exceptionally versatile natural product that serves a multitude of purposes. Therefore, apart from washing your face, body, and hair, you can also make use of this soap with tea tree as a hand cleanser or hand soap, shaving cream, laundry soap, all-purpose cleaner, and air purifier.

Kanberra Soap is premium soap you can use anywhere.

  • Natural Tea Tree Soap that's tough on grease and grime
  • Tea Tree Soap
  • Soft on your skin
  • 100% Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil to clean your body and keep your air healthy
  • Certified by ATTIA
  • Great for home, office, boats, auto, RV, garages, and more 
  • Safe to use around kids & pets
  • All-Natural active ingredients, no harsh chemicals
  • Natural tea tree
  • The unique formula features a proprietary blend of Australian Tea Tree Oils and other essential oils 
  • Air movement takes Tea Tree Oil (TTO) airborne to attack & remove odors
  • Cleans the air as you lather
  • No perfumes or artificial scents like other soaps
  • Leaves hands clean, soft and odor-free
  • Deeply clean skin and remove tough orders

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