Kanberra Products Shelf Life Information

Please note that all Kanberra® products have a born-on date and are labeled using Julian Date Codes.  We suggest that the product is sold and used within 12 months of that date. This is because it is a natural product and is considered perishable.

We highly recommend that all Kanberra products be stored in a cool, dark place. Avoid direct sunlight and extreme temperature fluctuations when it comes to product storage.

Please note that the ONLY exception to the born-on date rule is the .2oz Kanberra sample size containers.  THESE HAVE A BORN-ON DATE LOCATED ON THE BOX. THERE IS NOTHING ON THE SAMPLE ITSELF. The shelf life of these samples is only 2-3 months, so use them immediately as they are in a non-sealed container.

The photo below will explain how to read the born-on date, based on Julian Date Codes:

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