We cut our teeth delivering Kanberra Gel® to marinas, boat owners, and superyacht crews and owners.

Our customers worldwide have discovered that Kanberra offers a revolutionary way to clean air, remove odors, and wash surfaces on marine vessels.

When our products are placed within the air handling units or an inconspicuous place in the cabin – the air is cleaner and odors are neutralized. 

Dampness and temperature fluctuations inside a vessel during storage (including heated storage) can create costly and time-consuming problems. Using our products in the storage process can lead to “smooth sailing” when it’s time to hit the water. The gel will freeze when the temperature drops below freezing but goes right back to work upon thawing.

Use Kanberra Spray® or Kanberra Wipes® onboard to clean air and surfaces in an instant. It scrubs air and surfaces to remove odors like magic.