Why Kanberra Products are the Best Choice?


Many people have asked what makes Kanberra Tea Tree Oil products stand out from the 100’s of competing products on the market? The answer is we are very careful about where we source our Tea Tree Oil from. We use only 100% ATTIA certified Tea Tree Oils. The ATTIA certification means that our oil meets rigorous standards such as ISO 4730:2017(E) and REACH which is used in Europe and elsewhere. Many if not most of our competitors do not use oils certified to purity standards like these. This means that they can use oils that are adulterated or cut with cheaper inactive oils to reduce cost. Adulterated oils just plain do not work as well as pure Tea Tree Oil. All of the scientific literature demonstrating the many wonderful and useful properties are done with pure oils. Diluting the oil dilutes the effects. This is why we at Kanberra make such a big deal out of our purity and certifications. They matter.

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