At Home Kanberra Uses

You can put the power of Kanberra Products to work for your home.

Kanberra Gel®

There are so many uses for Kanberra Gel®, we have created convenient gel containers in several different sizes from 2 oz to 32 oz. Simply open the jar to reveal vent holes and place in a room or ventilation system. It won’t drip and there are no plugs or wires.

  • Place it in just about any room for ongoing protection – bedrooms, closets, basement storage areas.
  • Set in the air handler of your HVAC system so your whole house can be odor free.
  • All natural, with no chemicals – safe around kids and pets

Kanberra Spray®

  • For cleaner air and surfaces.
  • Instantly remove odors.
  • Available in 2 oz & 8 oz spray bottles.

Kanberra Wipes®

  • Multi-purpose for cleaner surfaces and air with just one wipe.
  • Infused with the natural properties of Tea Tree Oil (TTO).
  • Countless uses — in the home, car, boat, travel and more.

Kanberra Premium Soap®

  • Deeply cleans skin and removes tough odors, leaving hands clean, soft, and odor free.
  • No perfumes or artificial scents.
  • Available in 2 oz., 8 oz., and 56 oz. refill.

Kanberra Essential Oils®

  • Original Kanberra® blend & scent.
  • Diffuse to leave any room smelling fresh and clean.
  • Available in 5 mL and 15 mL bottle.

Kanberra Anti-Friction Cream® & Taint Paint®

  • Creates a soothing layer of protection that puts the restriction on friction.
  • Use anywhere you get chafing or blistering.
  • Anti-Friction Cream available in 50g size.
  • Taint Paint available in 100g size.

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