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Lisa, thank you and Joel for taking the time to show me your product line. I have already put your 'Stop the Stink' to use. I came home to find moldy potatoes growing in my pantry. Not pleasant. I thought immediately of your sample and by the morning the smell was gone. Thank you!
-Dana B, 7/26/2018

It was nice meeting you at the Miami boat show. As we discussed, my wife and I use Kanberra Gel on our 38 foot offshore which we spend every weekend on traveling the Great Lakes. Kanberra gel is the only product that we have found to actually eliminate odor rather than mask it. We are so pleased with its performance we ordered some as a gift for my parent’s camper. They are now enjoying it as well. Thanks again for a great product!
-Mark E, Rochester, Michigan

I wanted to let you know that I am so impressed with the Kanberra gel. I was getting a slight odor coming from my engine room on hot days, from the waste tank and the product totally removed the odor. I use the product in my cockpit to keep things fresh as well as down in the cabin. I suggested to my dock mates for them to try the product and they are all very pleased with the result. After using the product I told my Sea Ray dealer how impressed I was and now they sell the product and have been doing quite well with sales.
Thanks so much for coming out with a product that makes things so fresh and clean.
-Len B, Chicago, IL

We have been using your product for three years now in our boat to prevent mold and that old boat smell after being shrink-wrapped all winter. Your product works well and we buy a 24 ounce refill from the boat show in Newport every year. While we were purchasing our refill we were able to testify how well it works to a new customer and helped convince them to try it!
-Keith, Massachusetts

“We have a demo pontoon that sits in a floating slip under its factory cover all summer. Three years ago when we pulled it out of the water it took two employees three hours to clean all the black (mold) spots off the seats. The next year we put a 2 ounce container of Kanberra in the pontoon when it was covered and when we pulled it out of the water we didn’t have any spots on the seats and also the underside of the cover was clean. This is a great product!!!”
-Jeremy C, Hutchinson, MN

I had read an article in one of the boating magazines about a product called Kanberra gel and how well it worked on removing odors. So I purchased a 2 oz container and placed in the boat. My wife and I were both smokers and smoked in the cabin and it was getting very foul smelling.. My sister-in-law and brother were going to take a trip with us and she is allergic to cigarette smoke. My wife and I had agreed not to smoke in the cabin while they were with us and after a few days she asked if we smoked in the cabin because she could not smell anything but a clean fresh air smell. Now that we have quit smoking, we still use Kanberra in the cabin. We had also started to notice some mold growing on the inside of our bikini and back drop. I was told to place a fan on the dash to circulate the air. It helped, but I noticed we still were getting some mold, so I took another 2 oz container of Kanberra gel and placed it in front of the fan. When we came back a week later the mold was almost gone and two weeks later there was no trace of mold anywhere in and around the cockpit.
-Chuck, Waterford, MI

I have used Kanberra Gel on my sailboat for a few years now and am extremely happy with the performance of this product! I live in the Pacific Northwest. and for 4 – 5 months of the year our weather is the ideal environment for dampness and mildew to flourish … particularly on-board!! Kanberra Gel is the perfect solution!!
-Ron, Squamish, BC

I used Kanberra on my boat during winter storage. Now, I don’t want to be without it.
-David, Maryland

Love this stuff! We live on a sailboat and we had a persistent odor in one of our heads that we were unable to get rid of – not matter how hard we tried. Bought a 2 oz. jar of gel and stuck it under the sink in the head – within a day and a half, the odor was completely gone! Thanks for a great product! Will be buying more ASAP…
-Laurie, The Bahamas

This product works as stated. One is all we need to place in our 48 ft. yacht to keep it fresh. It is not like a perfume cover-up – it gets rid of what causes odors in the first place.
-George, Tennessee

This product is terrific… just a wonderful clean smell throughout your boat.
-Sandra, Pennsylvania

I wanted to share our experience with your Kanberra Gel. We did not expect much but after putting a
canister in our dirty bilge, within 2 weeks all the mold was gone and we just needed to vacuum up the white powder. Amazing!
-Judy, Connecticut

The soap was awesome!! I rewashed many items that were damaged by my dryer issue over the last year that I told you about. Everything I washed came out smelling fresh and clean. The musty at times "wet dog" smell was Gone!!
-Stephanie, Buffalo, NY

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