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Kanberra Gel


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Kanberra Gel® - The Ultimate Solution for Eliminating Tough Odors

Experience the power of nature with Kanberra Gel, the original all-natural air purifier designed to tackle the most stubborn smells in your home, boat, RV, and beyond. Infused with a proprietary blend of pure Australian Tea Tree Oil and other essential oils, Kanberra Gel doesn't just mask odors—it eliminates them at the source, providing you with a naturally clean-smelling environment.

Why Choose Kanberra Gel?

Odor Elimination:

Whether you're dealing with musty basements, lingering smoke, or pet odors, Kanberra Gel's unique formula actively removes unpleasant scents, leaving your space fresh and inviting.

  • Safe and Chemical-Free: Crafted with no harsh chemicals, Kanberra Gel is safe for use around children and pets, ensuring your loved ones breathe healthy, purified air. 
  • Versatile and Convenient: Perfect for enclosed spaces like boats and RVs, Kanberra Gel combats the damp, musty odors that can ruin your leisure time. Its effectiveness extends to air ducts, providing continuous clean air circulation throughout your living areas. 
  • Long-Lasting Freshness: Once opened, the gel remains active for 30-90 days, offering round-the-clock protection against odor recurrence. 
  • Easy to Use: Simply open the jar, remove the inner seal, and place it where needed. The air movement will do the rest, taking the Tea Tree Oil airborne to neutralize odors effortlessly. 

Product Specifications:

  • Sizes for Every Need: Available in various sizes to suit different spaces—use 1 ounce of gel per 100 square feet as a starting point, adjusting as needed for stronger odors. 
  • Boat and RV Friendly: For boats or RVs up to 20 feet, use 1-2 jars depending on odor intensity. For larger vehicles, calculate the number of jars based on length for optimal results. 
  • Sustainable Refills: Keep your environmental impact low with our 24 oz. refill pouches, allowing you to reuse existing jars and reduce waste.

Customer Satisfaction:

Join the ranks of thousands of satisfied customers who have made Kanberra Gel their go-to solution for maintaining a clean and odor-free environment.

Embrace the natural, effective solution for odor control with Kanberra Gel. Say goodbye to musty, unpleasant odors and hello to fresh, clean air—naturally!

PLEASE NOTE: All Gel products should be used within 12 months of the born on date.  For reference, please look here.


    For your home, we recommend as a starter 1 ounce of gel per 100 square feet of space. However, your usage needs may vary depending on the strength of odor you are trying to remove; e.g., you may need 2 ounces of gel per 100 square feet of space if you're trying to eliminate scent from pets or smoke.

    2 ounce gel is great for areas up to 200 square feet like:

    • Closets
    • Drawers
    • Small Bedrooms

    4 ounce gel can be used for areas up to 400 square feet, or to remove higher strength odors like:

    • Small Bedroom
    • Cat Litter Box area
    • Laundry Room
    • College Dorm Room

    8 ounce gels can handle areas up to 800 square feet like:

    • Large Bedroom
    • Small Basement
    • Living or Family Room
    • Dining Room
    • Kitchen

    16 ounce gel is for your toughest areas, such as:

    • Very large rooms
    • Residential HVAC systems (place directly in air handler units)

    Boat / RV

    As a general rule, boats or RVs up to 20' (6m) use 1-2 jars depending on their type. Boats and RVs longer than this should divide their length by 10 and add one jar to that for a final total. For example, a 50 foot boat would use 6 total jars of gel.

    2 ounce Gel should be used for small areas like:

    • Head
    • Bait Locker
    • Rope Locker
    • Closet

    4 ounce Gel can be used in medium sized areas:

    • Interior Galley
    • Bilge Area
    • Cabin
    • Bedroom

    8 ounce Gel is for your largest areas on board your boat or RV:

    • Estate Room
    • Engine Room
    • Large Cabin
    • Living Area

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