Kanberra Sport Chafe Paint 100gram container
Kanberra Sport Chafe Paint Anti-Friction Cream. Stop Chafing, Naturally, with pure Australian Tea Tree Oil certified by ATTIA, Ltd.
Top of Kanberra Gel Chafe Paint Container: Stop Chafing, Naturally
Kanberra Chafe Paint, used by Kanberra Sport Cycling Team
Kanberra Chafe Paint used by a runner.
Kanberra Chafe Paint container, side panel. Creates a soothing barrier to stop friction and protect sensitive skin.
Kanberra Chafe Paint, side panel, ingredients list.
Kanberra Chafe Paint 50 gram container

Chafe Paint Anti-Friction Cream


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  • Made with 20 premium, all-natural active ingredients including tea tree oil, shea butter, aloe vera, coconut oil, witch hazel, allantoin, and other key ingredients that help prevent chafing and blisters.
  • Apply prior to a workout to any area that may be prone to friction from skin rubbing together or clothing rubbing against skin
  • Chafe Paint is easy to apply between toes, legs, underarms. Post application will not leave any greasy residue.
  • Water-based product made without petroleum, mineral oils, alcohol, or other harsh chemicals. Will not clog your pores.
  • Aids in the healing of minor skin abrasions or irritations including ringworm, dry skin, eczema, and more. Aids in tattoo recovery.
  • Travel-ready 50g size.
  • Avoid skin irritation caused by sweat, friction, repetitive motion, and ill-fitting garments or equipment.


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