ATTIA Certification and Why it's Important

ATTIA Certification and Why it's Important


Not all Tea Tree Oils are equal; there is a good reason we always remind the world that Kanberra is ATTIA-certified. Can you trust the tea tree oil products you are buying? Many products sold today are adulterated, unethical, and non-provenanced oils. Continue reading to learn what that means and why the ATTIA certification is so important.

Adulterated oils - These artificial oils try to mimic the characteristics of tea tree oil, and manufacturers use their own labs to comply with international standards falsely.

Unethical pure oils - Producers of these oils employ questionable human rights approaches and labor practices that result in the unethical labeling of oils as organic and sustainable. 

Non-provenanced oils -The origin of these oils is intentionally misleading to hide that they are less active, lacking clinical evidence, or sourced from sub-standard trees or incorrect species.


Not only does Kanberra use the purest ATTIA certified Tea Tree Oils. Studies in Australia have shown Kanberra’s Proprietary Blend of ATTIA-certified Tea Tree Oils to be FIVE TIMES  more effective than similar products. This sets us apart and makes Kanberra the BEST, all-natural choice when cleaning air, skin, and surfaces. 

 “100% pure Australian tea tree oil is produced under the most stringent quality controls and labor practices in the world.” -Phil Prather - ATTIA President

Australia’s Unique Natural Medicine. Pure steam-distilled oil of Melaleuca alternifolia.Tea Tree is an Iconic Australian Native Plant

Many tea tree varieties exist, but uniquely evidenced tea tree oil can only be distilled from plantations of Australia’s Melaleuca alternifolia.

Endemic to north-eastern NSW and south-east coastal Queensland, it is a small bushy tree or shrub from the myrtle family, existing in an unbroken chain for over 36,000 years.

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