Be Earth Friendly with Kanberra Refills

Be Earth Friendly with Kanberra Refills
Our refill program will save you money while helping the environment. The refill breakdown image below will show you how many bottles you can get out of our Soap, Spray, and Gel refill sizes. The savings are 50% compared to purchasing a new container. Plus, you can save even more and always have Kanberra replenishment when you sign up for our subscriptions and get another 10% off!
A green solution — reuse soap pumps instead of throwing them out
Reuse aluminum Kanberra Spray bottles
Our Kanberra Gel Jars are double-walled and made to be reused thousands of times! 
Premium Soap - Gentle on the skin - tough on grease
Tea Tree Oil Spray - Neutralizes odors instantly - Cleans surfaces - keeps bugs away!
The Original All-Natural Kanberra Gel - The Original All-natural air freshener - Five times more effective with Kanberra's proprietary blend of Tea Tree Oils to neutralize the air, not simply masking odors; works 24/7

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