Holiday Travel - Bring Kanberra with You!

Holiday Travel - Bring Kanberra with You!

sIf you are one of the millions of Americans planning to travel over the next three months, make sure to take Kanberra with you!  We have TSA-approved travel-size products to keep you clean and safe. Here’s a list of what to bring and why…

Kanberra Hand Sanitizer Alternative

We have used our proprietary blend of ATTIA-certified Tea Tree Oils for decades, and with that experience, we have created a fantastic alternative to commercially available hand sanitizers. Anyone that is tired of harsh alcohol-based sanitizers will appreciate this water-based moisturizing sanitizer alternative. Heals, cleans and moisturizes without dryness.  

Kanberra Premium Soap Made with Tea Tree Oil - 2 oz Travel Size

Our soap is perfect for everyday hand soap. It is equally effective as a facial cleanser, body wash, and shampoo! Kanberra soap is beneficial for all skin types (dry, oily, sensitive, combination, aging, teenage, acne-prone, and normal), adapting to whatever your skin and body may need. The versatile capabilities of Kanberra soap make it a valuable ally to have near every sink and shower. Need to do a quick wash in the sink while traveling, Kanberra Soap can be used as a laundry additive as well. 

Kanberra All-Natural Spray INSTANT ODOR REMOVER - Clean the air, skin, and surfaces. Great to wipe down your surrounding area on a plane, bus or car. 

KANBERRA GEL® THE ORIGINAL ALL-NATURAL AIR PURIFIER® 2 OZ -  perfect for keeping in your hotel room or anywhere you plan to stay.

Kanberra Gel® is the most effective All-Natural Air Purifier on the market today. We take Certified Pure Tea Tree Oil and placed it in a Water-Based Gel so that it can evaporate. Thus becoming an airborne tea tree oil®.

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