Stay Kanberra Clean Year Round. Live Cleaner, Breathe Easier!

Stay Kanberra Clean Year Round. Live Cleaner, Breathe Easier!

Call it what you will, a New Years Resolution, 2022 Goal Setting, or simply taking the fresh new start on the calendar to organize and prioritize a healthy lifestyle. At Kanberra, helping to ensure the products we sell help you achieve exactly that. From the air you breathe, to what you put on your skin, we deliver the purest products so you can live your best, healthy, safe, and sanitized life.

The Kanberra health benefits start with the cleaning power of our powerhouse ingredients, our proprietary blend of ATTIA Certified Tea Tree Oils. It’s that specific blend of Tea Tree Oils mixed with pure all-natural active ingredients that will keep the air you breathe, odor-free 24/7, your skin protected, and your surroundings clean. Kanberra clean!

Here is a helpful Kanberra list to help you along the way. Keep you and your family safe from head to toe; even the furkids can benefit from Kanberra’s all-natural proprietary blend.

  • Wash (Kanberra Soap diluted 1/10) and Spray (Kanberra Spray) kitchen cabinet handles and doors.
  • Air duct Cleaning (Call Indoor Air Professionals for free estimate at 800-683-0021) Breathe cleaner air with 16 oz or 32 oz Kanberra Gel inside the furnace handler.
  • Wash pet beds, exercise clothes, dish towels, etc. with Kanberra Laundry Additive to remove tough odors
  • Spray the inside of gym bags, shoes, hats, helmets, and masks with Kanberra Spray.
  • Put Kanberra Gel jars in every room of the house, car, office, boat, and RV to clean the air 24/7.
  • Start a Kanberra Gel Refill subscription and never be caught with empty jars.
  • Wash dogs/pets with Kanberra Soap (*not cats...they will scratch you.)
  • Add a Diffuser with a few drops of Kanberra Essential Tea Tree Oil to rooms you spend the most time in to alleviate allergies and breathe easier.
  • Keep a 2 oz Kanberra Hand Sanitizer Alternative with you wherever you go. It will not only clean your hands but also create a safe barrier that lasts for hours.
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