Wipes are BACK, BIGGER, & BETTER! 

Wipes are BACK, BIGGER, & BETTER! 

Kanberra Tea Tree Oil Multi-use Wipes®, infused with our proprietary blend of certified tea tree oils, is back in stock just in time for summer. 

Here’s a top ten list of our favorite ways to stay Kanberra clean with the best all-natural wipes you can buy. 

  1. Surfaces - Kitchen (fantastic on Stainless Steel), Bathroom, Car, Travel, and so much more!
  2. Skin - throw in your gym bag for a portable shower when you need a quick clean. Wipe down exposed skin before going outdoors to ward off bugs!
  3. Pets -Give the fur kids a rub down, and don’t forget to clean between those paw pads. 
  4. Boat/RV/Camping - From wiping out the tent, cooler, and portable shower. All-purpose is a true statement!
  5. Gym - Stay clean during and after a workout
  6. Travel - Car, plane, and train!
  7. Shopping - Cart handles, ANYTHING you touch
  8. Sport - Don’t let sweat sit. Wipe down your bike/kayak handles/tennis racket anywhere  Stop odors and KILL the funk. Even tough on grease!
  9. BUG BITES -Helps keep bugs off your skin. All bugs (especially mosquitoes) hate tea tree oil. 
  10. Office - Stay healthy when surrounded by people. Keep your area clean and anywhere multiple people use like pens/staplers/whole punch; you get the idea.

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